Camp Whitsett 2023 Staff Application
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We are excited that you are interested in the fun and adventures to be had as a Whitsett Staff member next summer.

Please fill out the following questions as accurately and completely as possible. Please also pay attention to capitalization, spelling, and punctuation since this is an indicator of how serious you are in applying to be on staff.

This is the first part of our three part application. The second part consists of essays, letter of recommendation, and reference checks. The third part is the interview.

Once you complete this application you will be directed to a page with information on the second part of the application. Please make sure you read that and work on part two of the application. Your application will not move onto the interview without the second part of the application being filled out. 

Please note that a bulk of our interviewing and hiring is done in February, and that any applications received after January 1st are reviewed on an as needed basis. If your skill set and interests match any needs we may have, we will contact you.

The application deadline is December 31st. By December 31st, you should complete both part one and part two of the staff application.  If you are interested in a director position then your deadline for both parts is November 30th. In January, you will receive an email about the interview days and times. Please make sure the email you give us in this application is one you check regularly. If you do not hear anything by the end of January, you may contact Ariel Annis, the Camp Director, at to make sure your application was received. 

Thank you for your interest. 

The Camp Whitsett Management Team



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