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Cancellation Policy
The Cancellation Policy is used as a tool to keep units from overstating the number of Scouts they plan to bring. In the past we have had units overstate their numbers by over 100% only to cancel them at the last minute. WLACC Summer Camps have space limitations, and holding these numbers often came at the expense of other troops with Scouts who would like to come to camp. Our Cancellation Policy is not perfect, but we have found it provides an adequate financial incentive to keep most units from aggressively overstating their numbers. As such, we request that you initially reserve only the number of spaces you can guarantee to fill at the time of the reservation. The preferred method of reserving spaces is to reserve the number of spaces for all scouts who are currently in the unit whom are planning to attend, and to later add spaces for your unit’s new scouts who have bridged from Webelos, scouts who needed to confirm summer school and family vacation plans first, etc. We are more than happy to assist you in additions after the initial reservation. Over the past few years it has been very rare that we were not able to accommodate an increase in unit numbers after the initial reservation. CANCELLATIONS: In the rare instance you must cancel, all monies paid for that space up to the date of cancellation are forfeited. A “fee” is not charged for the cancellation. Therefore, the later a space is cancelled the greater the amount of monies forfeited. EXAMPLE: An in-council scout at a rate of $554. The first payment due is $100, the second payment due is $200, and the third payment due is the balance, $254. If the space is cancelled before the first payment is made there is $0 forfeited. If the space is cancelled after the first payment but before the second payment $100 is forfeited. If the space is cancelled after the second payment but before the third payment $300 is forfeited. If the space is cancelled after the third payment $554 is forfeited. EXCEPTIONS: We do understand that things come up and a scout may not be able to attend for many reasons such as the loss of a family member or a medical reason. Waiver of cancellation fees is handled on a case-by-case basis. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our cancellation policy please contact us via our website at
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