Scouts on the Run! #DistanceTogether

Scouts on the Run! #DistanceTogether
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In these days of social distancing, people are looking for a way to maintain personal fitness. Join the Western Los Angeles County Council as we host our first Scouts on the Run!


What is Scouts on the Run? It’s a virtual 5k which allows Scouts, youth, and families to participate whether they run on a treadmill, jog around the neighborhood, or walk around the block. Just make sure you follow social distancing guidelines.


Together we are Scouts on the Run!


How does it work? It’s easy! Register here, download your racing bib (located in the highlighted in your confirmation email at the BOTTOM), run your race between May 22nd and May 29th, then let us know your finish time on the link in the confirmation email highlighted portion by May 31st. Winners of the race will be announced on June 2nd.


The best part about Scouts on the Run is that you don’t have to be a Scout, live in our area, or even our country to participate. T-shirts, if one was purchased (for an additional fee), will be mailed to you at a later date.


P.S. Show us some social media love during training and the race! Post your race pics on Facebook & Instagram using #distancetogether and #BSAWestLA. You may even get your race photos posted on our website.

$10.00 per Non-Scout Registrant
$10.00 per Running from my Couch here a Donation for Scouting
$10.00 per Scout Registrant
Cancellation Policy
The Western Los Angeles County Council maintains a "no-refund" for this event. Thank you for understanding.

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: No Reply - Please contact the Event Coordinator

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