2022 Reyes Adobe Camporee

2022 Reyes Adobe Camporee
Registration Begins
Last Day To Register
4/14/2022 2:55 AM
30910 Sloan Canyon Rd
Castaic, CA 91384, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

2022 Reyes Adobe District Camporee

Welcome, and be prepared for the best Camporee yet!

To Register, you will need:
• # of Youth Participants
• # of Adult Participants
• Optional T-Shirt Sizes of each participant
• Optional Habit Food order for Friday Night for each participant
• Optional BBQ Lunch order for Saturday Lunch for each participant  - Due to a scheduling conflict, Captain BBQ will not be available

Registration Notes

If you have already made a registration and your unit needs to add more participants, meals, or T-shirt orders, DO NOT start a new registration. Go back to your original registration and make these additions.

Registrations will close April 18, 2022. No NEW registrations will be accepted after April 13, 2022 though updates to prior registrations may be made.

Do a preliminary registration and then add to it as you find out more of your particulars. Just make sure you keep track of your
registration info so you can update your registration and not just make a new one.
• Each unit (Pack, Troop or Crew) will complete a separate online registration.
• The site size will be determined by the number of participants registered as of April 13, 2022.


Overview - What is Camporee
Time for Troops and Packs, Scouts, Arrow of light webelos to come together to camp, compete and form new friendships.
Events for their patrols to their skills against other units


  • 32 Events,  broken in to 4 different 'skill levels' based on the average rank of the members of a particular patrol
  • Habit Truck for Friday Night. (optional)
  • Captain BBQ for Saturday Lunch. (optional)
  • Dutch Oven Cookoff
  • T-Shirts available for PreOrder
  • OA is running the Campfire with a special ceremony for Arrow Lights bridging over to Scouts BSA
  • Every Unit is requested to sponsor and Run an event

Feb 23 - Camporee Q&A

$14.00 per Double Char Hamburger Meal
$14.00 per Double Char w/ Cheese Meal
$12.50 per Grilled Cheese Meal
$35.00 per Registration for Adult
$35.00 per Registration for Scout
$13.00 per Single Char Hamburger Meal
$13.00 per Single Char w/ Cheese Meal
$8.00 per T- Shirt Youth Large
$8.00 per T-Shirt Adult L
$8.00 per T-Shirt Adult M
$8.00 per T-Shirt Adult S
$8.00 per T-Shirt Adult XL
$8.00 per T-Shirt Adult XXL
$8.00 per T-Shirt Youth Medium
Late fee
After 4/5/2022 a fee of $5.00 will apply to all Registration for Adult Registrants.
After 4/5/2022 a fee of $5.00 will apply to all Registration for Scout Registrants.

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: WLACC

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