Global SuperTanker B747-400 Airtanker Service Day!

Global SuperTanker B747-400 Airtanker Service Day!
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Global Supertanker Global Response has offered Scouts an exciting opportunity to fulfill service-hours while getting up close and personal with the largest air-drop firefighting aircraft in the world!  They believe this is an exciting opportunity for the Boy Scouts to see and experience leading edge aviation technology in action.For youth 10 and over. 

The boys task will be to place and pickup collection cups.( Miracle Whip containers)   Supervision will be provided by Global SuperTanker Services and The US Forest Service.  We are planning on a one-day event.  If weather, rain, winds, or earthquakes cause a delay then we may roll into a second or possibly a third day.

The activity will take place at Fox Field on June 20, 2017.  Scouts will be needed to help collect containers that will measure the spread of non-toxic fire retardant for research and statistical puposes.  We will need a minimum of between 60 and 150 boys and adults.  Please sign up ALL participants, whether youth or adult.  The Fence posts are spread out on a grid 280 feet wide by 4000 feet long.

While both youth and adults may participate, there will be lots and lots of walking! Please consider the age and abilities of your boys before signing up to participate.  The boys will place the cups, watch the drop, then pick up the filled cups and take them to be weighed.  

We will be testing the advanced coverage capability of the Global SuperTanker B747-400 Airtanker.  The boys will always remain well clear during actual drops, however will have a front row seat to experience the sights and sounds of a B747-400 flying at 200-300 feet. EVERYONE’S Safety is paramount and will not be compromised

Start time will begin promptly 6:00 am and finish around 4:00 pm  We will provide safety glasses and latex gloves. (we will have nitrile gloves too)  We will also provide sack meals and beverages.  The boys need to wear old clothes and rubber boots. (highly recommended)  The material is non-toxic, however it will stain. (red clay)

This is an exciting way to fulfill your service hours requirements and Global Supertanker has offered to contribute financially to the health of the Council for your efforts!

We encourage those who are interested to view our web site @


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