Arborist Weekend - Scout Participants at Camp Josepho

Arborist Weekend - Scout Participants at Camp Josepho
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March 15th - March 17th

The Western Los Angeles County Council invites Scouts and Scouters (no siblings please) to a weekend of learning about and helping the environment. The merit badge will be offered to Scouts who fully participate in this weekend’s work projects and observations. Scouts and adults are asked to help with work projects. Fees are minimal to reflect the contribution made to camp. This merit badge will give you the opportunity to learn more about the management of forestry. Qualified professional staff and counselors will be teaching this merit badge.

The Forestry merit badge program includes fieldwork, short lectures and observations of nature in the Santa Monica Mountains. The sign-offs will be done on Sunday morning and Scouts must be in full uniform. Scouts, who prepare and commit themselves, should complete the merit badge requirements.

Registration on March 15th will be between 5-7pm. The cost is $ 45 per person for any Scout enrolling in the Forestry Merit Badge. The maximum enrollment for the merit badge is 40 Scouts. If Scouts would like to participate in the service weekend only, without taking the merit badge class, the cost is $25 per person. Food will be provided, but participants are asked to bring their own tents. As always, reservations are made on a first come first served basis. You may call at any time and check if there are any cancellations. A waiting list will be developed as needed.

Participation Requirements

Scouts register by unit. Two adults per unit are required, while maintaining at least a 1 to 5 ratio of adults to Scouts. Adults must be in compliance with BSA Youth Protection requirements. Additional leaders are needed to help with various projects through out the weekend.

Each Scout needs:

  1. A “blue card” (application for merit badge) signed by his Scoutmaster.
  2. Have in possession the merit badge book.
  3. Writing paper, pencil, three ring binder and 2ft x 3ft mounting cardboard for project display.
  4. Roster and health forms.
  5. For registration, facility questions, information and confirmation call the Camping Department at (818) -933-0126 or Camp Josepho at 310-459-9093.

To complete your reservation, complete this registration form and mail your payment with your registration number to: Western Los Angeles County Council, 16525 Sherman Way C-8, Van Nuys, CA 91406.

Contact E-mail
$45.00 per Participation AND Forestry Merit Badge
$25.00 per Participation ONLY (Adult)
$25.00 per Participation ONLY (Youth)

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: No Reply - Please contact the Event Coordinator

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